Terri Burney


tb4After 20 years in financial services, I decided it was time to join my entrepreneurial spirit and my passion for wine.  I returned to school to become a sommelier and then set out to create a place where people could enjoy wine in a warm, non-pretentious atmosphere.

I wanted customers to feel confident about their wine purchases, so I designed a large tasting menu offering the ability to try many wines.  Over the years, I’ve continued to refine the WineTastic experience.  Today we offer themed tastings, several wine clubs, classes to expand wine knowledge and wine tours.  You’ll always find a fun, friendly, relaxed atmosphere at WineTastic.  And, when you try one of our wines, I can assure you I tasted it before we decided to stock it.  I’m committed to bringing my customers quality wines in all price ranges.

I have traveled to many different wine regions in more than ten countries, learning about the winemakers, vineyards and cultures of the wine directly from the source.  The experiences are as fun as they are educational—allowing me a firsthand look at the people and places behind the bottles. I bring back the stories, the wines, the pictures and the passion to share with my friends and customers as often as I can.

Please come in and enjoy an evening of escape, relaxation, and a wine adventure! I truly hope that you enjoy every minute at WineTastic, and would love to learn what your favorite is!